Tuesday July 15, 2003, 10:30 EDT


This electroacoustic soundscape composition weaves three different recordings into a tapestry of sounds, which Choreographer Rebecca Patek has integrated into dance movement and drama. The collaborative process involved an initial sharing of ideas, and the creation of a "working sketch" of the electroacoustic soundscape. Following dance rehearsals with this sketch, changes in both the dance and composition by composer and choreographer were made until the final version for performance was developed.

The title of the dance and the composition was determined by the date and time of one of the two recordings done in Keene, New Hampshire. The third recording is of the percussionist Mike Patek.

Choreography: Rebecca Patek
Music: Louise Dierker
Percussion composition and performance: Mike Patek
Costumes: Trayer Run-Kowzun and dancers
Venue: Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond, Keene State College
Dancers: Catherine Acquaviva, Ebony Dukes, Rebecca Patek, Katerina Rajch, Trayer Run-Kowzun