Film & Video Works

Music, sound over time
Film, image over time 
A kinship to be explored and shared over time



This mesmerizing film of a New Hampshire snow storm is scored with music of strings and solo clarinet to create a meditative ambience. It was commissioned in 2018 by Mitsuko Tuccillo, LMT, CCM for use in her therapeutic sessions.




This film explores the character of an educational institution as it evolved historically and how it interweaves with that of one of its students. It is edited from a live performance premiered at the school, the Vermont College of Fine Arts.


Bailey Brook

A brook in a small New Hampshire town inspired this string quartet and the video, which was created in response to the music. The film and music capture the changes in the brook and falls as the seasons evolve over a four month period, August through November. 


New Hampshire Meditation

This piece is part of a series utilizing as artistic material the sights and sounds recorded around our home in New Hampshire. The constant “observing” eye of the video camera captures the delicate interaction between the light of the rising sun and the crystalline ice of winter. Other than editing by cutting and cross dissolving various clips, the video is as recorded, with no added special effects. The sound track is a mix of the recorded sound of the scene and crystal water/wine goblets “played” by hand and recorded at our dining room table.