Collaborative Projects

Synonyms of collaboration include concert, harmony, and synergy.

Synergy is especially powerful as a word for the collaborative experience; a process which produces a result greater than the sum of its parts.

One plus one does not equal two, it creates Art.


Collaborations with Rebecca Patek

The Future Was Looking Better In The Past, 2015

L.A. Dierker’s collaborations with Rebecca Patek span a period of over fifteen years. Premieres and performance venues have included the Mulberry Street Theater, The Chocolate Factory, The Kitchen and MoMA in NYC and the Fringe Festival in Philadelphia. They also were honored as Artists in Residence at Keene State College, Keene, New Hampshire.

Below is a video excerpt of The Future Was Looking Better In The Past: My Family Herstory:Or from religious persecution to american greed to murderous infamy to denial, repression and the slow dissolution into moral confusion, financial ruin and karmic retribution. The piece was co-commissioned and presented with Abrons Arts Center at The Chocolate Factory.

The Future Was Looking Better In The Past invokes the story of Leopold and Loeb to hold a mirror to her own “crimes” and investigate a personal history involving familial guilt, tainted blood, and bad karma. Music and sound design by L.A. Dierker can be heard in its entirety here:


video Excerpt of The Future Was Looking Better in the Past


CREDITS: Created by Rebecca Patek. Performed by John Hoobyar, Sheila Lewandowski, David Patek, Sam Roeck, Chris Tyler, Peter Mills Weiss and Jaime Wright. Music and Sound Design by L.A. Dierker. Lighting Design by Joe Levasseur. Video Design and Production by David Pym. Video Production by Vincent Lafrance.



Tunnels, 2016
Part of the Sites of Absence show at the glasshouse in Brooklyn
Featuring work by Julie Tolentino, Rebecca Patek, Camila Caneque & Maria Jose Arjona

Sites of Absence presented performance devoid of its spectacle nature. It highlighted the frames of pre and post performance works by genuine voices in contemporary performance art, providing an observation on the remains or leftovers from a powerful presence. A floor-plan, a charcoal sketch of what would become a durational piece, a social media feed, an edited video, a wrapped journal exploding with gathered materials—each of these objects were exhibited as traces to the essential code of performance, gifting a rare intimate view on the individuality of process and its fluid archiving.

Rebecca Patek’s piece, Tunnels, made in collaboration with L.A. Dierker, was performed as part of the exhibit.